Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ungrip - A Gimpy Kid Review

New Products, New Possibilities

As I'm sure you all will know, I write this blog in conjunction with the fantastic Active Hands Company. Their gripping aids have become an essential staple in people's lives the world over who suffer from limited hand and finger function, enabling their users to achieve levels of independence and fitness that many thought out of reach. Earlier this year the company took the decision to branch out and began selecting products designed by others to stock and sell on the website alongside their own gripping aids, a detailed list and description of which can be found here. However, this list is continually being added to and in order to ensure that the products selected to be sold are going to be of most benefit and use to the Active Hands clientele, they need to be tested by people who fit the demographic of your average Active Hands user: good-looking, charismatic, charming, intelligent and with some form of limited hand and finger function. Well, I certainly tick one of those boxes!

So without further ado, here is my review of Ungrip, the grip-free way of holding your phone:

What is Ungrip?

Ungrip is a smart, easy to use device that attaches to the back of any mobile phone, instantly making it easier to hold onto and swivel round in your hand, whether you have perfect grip or no grip at all! It is available in a variety of different colours and designs and is both a gripping aid and fashion accessory for your phone!


How Does It Work?

The Ungrip base sticks directly to the back of your phone or case. You can then slide your choice of finger or thumb through the material loop, et voilĂ ! Your phone is now securely attached to your hand and can be safely held at any angle whilst you text, browse the web or take photos. And if you want to take a picture or video in landscape mode then just twist the phone in your hand, it's that simple!


My Ungrip Experience

It's all fine and well having me describe what a product does and throw up a few snazzy images, but the most important thing to know is whether it's going to be the right product for you and how someone living with limited hand function found it. I'll be honest, when I looked at Ungrip online, I had my initial doubts. I often use my phone whilst it's flat against a surface such as a lap tray or table, and so my biggest concern was that once I'd attached this to the back of my phone it would be unsteady and rock from side to side when using it. I can happily tell you that this is not the case and with Ungrip attached my phone still remains stable and static when using it on a flat surface.

For me the biggest positive to come from Ungrip is that it has completely eradicated the potential of me dropping my phone whilst using it, a major bug bear for anyone with weakened grip who isn't fond of replacing their phone screen on a regular basis! And Ungrip is stuck to my phone so solidly that I can even use my phone in the bath without fear of it slipping through my fingers into a watery grave #firstworldproblems! I've also found that if I'm in the middle of using my phone and need to move, instead of putting my phone in my pocket, moving, then getting it out again, I can now just spin it round so that the phone is on the back on my hand, push a short distance and then just spin it back onto my palm again.

Hand modelled by yours truly!
My one bit of cautionary advice would be that, when it comes to attaching Ungrip to your phone, have someone with fully functional hands nearby! The adhesive used to bond Ungrip to your phone is extremely sticky and once it's on it's not coming off without a fight, so I'd recommend involving a helper monkey with this part! I managed to attach mine by using my teeth to remove a few protective tabs and then ever-so-carefully lining it up with the desired spot on my phone (whether you want it positioned higher up or lower down, make sure it is in the central strip).


So that, in a nutshell, is why I recommended Ungrip to Active Hands! It's been an extremely worthwhile and welcome addition to my mini arsenal of disability aids and one I use on a daily basis. It can be found now by searching on the Active Hands website or by simply clicking the link HERE.


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